What To Do When You’re In A Style Rut

What to Do When You're in a Style Rut

I have been in a major style rut lately! I mean, the struggle has been real. {#firstworldproblems I know!} I love basics that don’t go out of style and adding in flares of trends when the feeling arises. But the feeling hasn’t arose!

It always seems like at the end of the seasons I go through a huge blah phase. I don’t have anything to wear and what I do have, I’ve worn at least a billion times. Do you know what I’m talking about?

Are you in this rut with me? If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may just be:

  • You have a closet FULL of clothes but have NOTHING to wear.

  • You repeat outfits on the reg and layer the same pieces together ALL OF THE TIME.

  • You have the SAME piece in multiple colors. {1000% guilty of this! Hello Z Supply Pocket Tees!}

  • You have at least a MILLION pieces of jewelry but wear the same earrings every day and maybe switch up your necklace game 2-3 times per week. Let’s not even get into rings/watches/bracelets!

  • Your closet is 90% BLACK TONES and you don’t consider yourself goth. {As my soul sister Wednesday Adams says, “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” Amen sistah!}

Now that we’ve figured out that you’re in this rut with me, let’s see if we can fix it! Or at least acknowledge that there’s a problem. Admitting is the first step my friends!


First off, if you’re closet is already organized you are my hero! This weekend I told myself I was going to organize my closet, then I looked at it, got scared, and ate a bowl of bunny tracks ice cream instead.

But seriously.

Organize your closet! Donate, Sell, Keep. That is your mantra when the organization is in full swing! A couple of points I’d like to hit on:

  • Seasonal items: What can be brought into the next season? What needs to be stored away until next summer/winter? Seriously, if they need stored away, do it! A decluttered closet is your friend!
  • Organize by color or by style, whichever you prefer. Or come up with your own system. I organize by style and if I’m getting really crazy, by color in each style. Woah!
  • Be real about donating! We ALL have those clothes that we are going to fit into once you lose that extra weight…. Those clothes can only darken your doorstep for so long! Think of it this way, after all of the hard work you’ve put into losing weight, you DESERVE brand new clothes! You’ve earned it! It’s time to donate the ones in your closet.


Now that your closet is more organized than Sheldon Cooper’s lifestyle, let’s preview what you kept. {That was a Big Bang Theory reference in case that went right over your head!} Is there a certain trend you’re seeing? If so, and you like that trend, stick to it. If not, change it! {Rocket science, I know!}

What works for you? Back in my early 20’s, I bought this super adorable blue top that was held together in the back by three thick, black straps. Clearly I couldn’t wear a bra with this and clearly it was going to show a lot of skin. Back then, I was about 15-ish {cough, 20, ahem}  pounds overweight. Also, then and now, there is no way I can go out in public without a bra. Sorry girls, you need some support! With that all being broadcasted to the world, my point is, that shirt obviously never got worn and was donated about 3 years after purchase. A complete waste of money and valuable closet space! Only keep what works for your body and style and then identify that style so you that you can build on it!

What do you like? At one point you clearly liked every item that is in your closet. Assess what you still like and see if you can spice it up! I cannot count the items that I have cut the sleeves off of, bleached, tied in fun knots to add more contrast to the outfit, etc. If I have something in my closet that I haven’t worn but still like, I change it until I love it! Also, look at PINTEREST for ways to alter your own clothing.


Speaking of Pinterest! Have you seen something super cute on a friend/coworker/random person on pinterest and wondered what it would look like on you? Try it out! Seriously. You never know until you try and sometimes you may just amaze yourself. It’s ok to step outside of your comfort zone! We promise, other women are going to be envious of your style and courage and you’ll probably inspire them.

Other places to look are:

  • Instagram – search hashtags like #streetstyle, #fashion, #redmaxidress, #canadiantuxedo, #thebootrack, you get the gist. Whatever it is you’re trying to find outfit inspiration for, someone has hashtagged it!
  • Blogs – there are SO many amazing fashion bloggers out there! Find ones that really speak to you and follow them! A couple that we like here are The Skinny Confidential and Hunt For Styles. {And of course our own! We’re still building so keep checking in for the latest & greatest.}
  • Store Website – go back to the site where you purchased the item and see how they style it. You may have something similar to what they’re accessorizing the item with. If not, the items in the outfit are just a click away!


Now that we’ve figured out you’re in a rut, you have some sort of grasp on your style and you want something new {or a piece to complement the old!}, it is time to shop! Head out to your favorite store, mall or website and let the magic happen!


If you would like our help styling your next outfit, let us know!

We would LOVE to help! Seriously!! It is the whole purpose for us being here. Stop in or call ahead to make an appointment {402.395.2611}. We can outfit you in the latest and greatest from our store or help you find the pieces that you’re looking for. Just because we don’t have it, doesn’t mean we don’t know how to get it!

Comment and let us know what you do when you’re in a style rut. We love hearing from you and getting new ideas!

xx Dani


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