Summer Adventures

Please tell me you are all going on summer adventures this year! Seriously! I have a friend studying abroad in London at the moment, Trista is on a family vacay to Yellowstone, my sister’s family went to Colorado and all I can do is dream about the adventures. I seriously live vicariously through other people’s vacations! It’s like when someone gets a new car and you’re super pumped for them but deep down you’re a little jealous too. I love it when people take vacations and go on adventures. It gets me excited to know that they’re out there experiencing new cultures and then they’ll come back and share them with me!

I try to make each day an adventure. I read other blogs, I look at Pinterest, I talk to my friends, but at the moment, there are no fabulous adventures planned for my summer. By that I mean, my vacation to Santorini is postponed yet another year! Santorini has been my dream vacation for a while now. All I can think about is white buildings and blue roofs, the sea, the culture and the cocktails! Oh yeah and the fun!

Who has been to Santorini? I beg you, tell me all about it! Is it as fabulous as Pinterest makes it look? Do I need to know how to speak Greek? How many bikinis should I pack?

I am not short on the travel scale by any means. I have been to France, Qatar, numerous pit-stops in the UAE, I lived in San Diego for 5 years {why I left, I’ll never know!} and I have traveled the US. But it’s not enough! I have a list a mile long of the places I will go before I die. I actually think I have a Pinterest board dedicated to that subject too! However this is not my year for grand European vacations. It’s coming though! Until then, tell me all of your adventures! Seriously! I want to hear, experience, live through your fun! Where are the best places to go, eat, sleep, etc.? What’s your best travel advice? Go!

xoxo – Dani

dalai lama

**All photos taken from Pinterest.


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