The Paris Cafe Tank

It is officially Summer! Oh, how I cannot explain the joy that this brings to me! I purchased The Boot Rack a year and a half ago and it has been an adventure, to say the least. I had ZERO experience in retail and I quite literally jumped in head first to this small business thing. Last summer we took The Boot Rack on the road just as the previous owner had done. We went to the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Ball, Country Stampede and a few county fairs. To say this as nicely as possible, we are NEVER doing roadshows ever again! With that being said, that means we actually have a summer to enjoy this year!

We are all super amped about this at The BR! So far, the girls have been able to go on vacations with their families to Colorado and Yellowstone! I will be going to South Dakota for a wedding next month. I have a HUGE project in the works right now so I will be traveling to Idaho in the near future to complete that up and share it with the world! I also have a family vacation planned for Washington, D.C. in August. This is probably our first ever family vacation with just my mom and siblings. These are all places that I have never been to before! Just checking them off the list, so exciting!!

With all of these travel adventures being had, we know our wardrobe has to be on point. We, literally, have thousands of pieces to choose from and accessorize with! But we all have our favorites. This summer, one of mine is the Paris Cafe Tank. I just imagine wearing this tank while drinking my un verre de vin {glass of wine} sitting outside of a cafe in Paris with my girlfriends. Clearly people watching. We will most likely be trying to differentiate between locals and tourists because we’re obviously seasoned travelers who blend in so well wherever we go!

This is the perfect tank to travel with because the material practically shows no wrinkles. It can be tucked in, half tucked or left free-flowing. You can layer it in the fall or pair it with your go-to shorts for the summer. The brown ombre look is so deceiving that it is fabulous! Is it brown, purple, maroon? It is whatever you want it to be! It is one of my must-have looks for this summer that is for sure!


Paris Cafe Tank | Chatham Sandal | Merida II Sandal

Photo by Trista Dozler


Paris Cafe Tank
Photo by Dani Thober


Paris Cafe Tank
Photo by Hannah Marie’s Fotography




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