Our Story


Hey there! I’m Dani, the owner of The BR, thanks for stopping by our website! Since you’re on our “Our Story” page, you must want to know a little bit about us. Well, this is it…

I am a {mostly} fearless woman who loves fashion! It started when I was just old enough to dress myself. I had the best orange rhinestone cap that I wore with everything! It was fabulous. Fast-forward 25-ish years and I bought a business! Of course there were many more milestones and fashion do’s and dont’s in that 25 years, but I’m sure you’re just looking for the good stuff.


In January 2015, I purchased an existing boot store in Albion, Nebraska called The Boot Rack. This store had been running for 33 years!

Since that day, I have been turning this store into my own. Every day we are molding, growing and adapting to what our customers are looking for. It is a constant adventure! We added a website, some really kick-ass employees and a whole lot of fun!

We sincerely hope you enjoy what you find here! If not, let us know! We love hearing from you and we love to help!

xx Dani