Independence Day Style

Ariat Stanwyck Top

I cannot believe that next week is Independence Day!

When you live in Nebraska, summer is a treasured commodity because the weather is only nice for 3-ish months. And that’s not a long time, people! Especially when you’ve lived in San Diego before and the weather there is gorgeous all year long! {sigh} I feel like 4th of July marks the halfway point of summer, which is sad because we’ll be on the downhill side of one of my favorite seasons. I just love the heat and being able to float down the river!

So, what are your plans for Independence Day?

I am actually super excited for this holiday weekend. It has been a long time since I’ve been in a place to actually be able to relax and enjoy time with my friends and family during Independence Day weekend! This year, Michael and I are going to Norfolk for the Big, Bang, Boom on Saturday night with his family. I have never been to this show before but I am assuming it’s going to be bitchin’!

My favorite 4th of July weekend celebration so far was when I was living in San Diego. We went camping and were able to see firework displays from every direction!

But my favorite part about every holiday is deciding on the perfect outfit! There are so many ways you can go with your patriotic fashion. I love people that go above and beyond with their love for America and express it through their style. Below are just a few fun outfits that we’ve put together!

Red, White & Fringe


I fell in love with this tank at first sight! I am all aboard the fringe train, so this tank is perfect for summer.

Independence Day Fringe Tank | Rock & Roll Medium Wash Denim Shorts | Minnetonka Santorini Sandals

Chic Crop Top


The craftsmanship of this Dara Top is legit! And these super patriotic Rock Revival cropped jeans are a must have! {Rock Revival jeans only available in store}

Ariat Dara Top | Bralette | Sperry Firefish Stripe Mesh Navy

Lace Craze


White lacy tops are so fun for this summer! Seriously anyone can wear them because they come in all different styles. Wear a bralette under them to show off your rockin’ bod or wear a tank to add a pop of color.

Daisy Knit Tank | Bralette | Sperry Firefish Grey

Classic White Top


I love timeless pieces! It is an investment to your wardrobe that you can have forever. Hence timelessness, duh!

Ariat Marian Tunic | Blowfish Beastie Booties

Don’t forget to share your summer style with us! We love to see everyone’s unique fashion sense!


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